Music Video Promo Reel 2013

The Defiled - Unspoken
18/06/13 - The Defiled - Unspoken
The Defiled are always a joy to work with, this video was at least as fun to make as it looks. Keep an eye out for The Defiled's new album Daggers!
Jam it into your eye holes!

14/04/13 - Malefice - V
Metal dudes throwing down in a freezing cold aircraft hangar, what more could you want?
Check out the video.

benea reach
05/02/13 - Benea Reach - The Mountain
Check this video that i directed for Benea Reach from Norway

The Mountain!

05/12/12 - Hawk Eyes - Witch Hunt
If you go down to the woods today...........................................................

Here is the new video i directed for Hawk Eyes.

26/07/12 - Feed The Rhino - The Burning Sons
Peep this new video that i directed for Kent warriors Feed The Rhino
Look out for their new album and tours through the summer, these guys play hard!
put it in your eyes!

25/07/12 - Hawk Eyes - Headstrung
What do you do when your skycloud base is attacked by giant wasps? You explode them with guitar magic of course!
Here is the new video i directed for Hawk Eyes.

21/03/12 Holy State - Dial 'M' For Monolith
The second video made for the guys in Holy State. An homage to Kubric's seminal 2001: A Space Odyssey, made with lots of cardboard, gaffa tape and monkey suits on the freezing Norfolk coast.
video is here!

22/12/11 - Holy State- Lady Magika
Come with us on a journey through space and thought!
Check out this new video for the lovely chaps in Holy State

21/07/11 - Feed The Rhino - Caller Of The Town
Made in collaboration with Ryan Mackfall of Crashburn Media, i supplied the animation, featuring trees, wolves, smoke and exploding books! Oh my!
Also, why not check out Ryan's blog..... everyone else does.

21/03/11 - Devil Sold His Soul - The Disappointment
This video was made in collaboration with Director Thomas Welsh, i provided the animation.
It's been out a while now, but I've been a little slack on updates.
video is here.

09/11/10 - Enter Calico
Clearnotice records are releasing their debut compilation - a collection of beautifully detailed tracks featuring ground-breaking electronic artists from around the world. Each track has its own video created by a different artist, including a video I made for a great track by David McSherry. The whole things is available as an ipod or iphone app and is well worth a look
get the full story at

08/06/10 - Devil Sold His Soul promos
I've recently been making a series of short promo videos for the forthcoming album blessed & cursed by the great band Devil Sold His Soul. The first of which is live online here. There's more to come so keep your eyes open.

06/03/10 - Defiled - The Resurrectionists. Exclusively on myspace
The new video i directed for London metallers The Defiled has just been unleashed and will spend its first week exclusively on myspace.
check it out here.

05/07/09 Daath - Day of Endless Light full video is live
Yep, the complete video is now online, you can check it out here

21/05/09 Daath - Day of Endless Light trailer
So for the past couple of months I've been working on this video for Atlanta based metal outfit, Daath. Here's a little taste.
You can find out more about Daath here.
You should also check out DOP Clayton Combe and graphics/illustration hero Jorden Haley.

01/03/09 Lettie - Hang On music video
Recently i met a talented and almost painfully nice guy called Greg Butler. Greg directs great music videos. I helped him out on this one with some post production and animation work.
Check out the lovely song and video here

22/12/08 The Ballad of Mary Slade takes third place in the aniBoom awards 2008
So a few days ago i found out that The Ballad of Mary Slade was awarded third place in the jury category of the 2008 aniBoom awards. If you've not heard of the aniBoom site, you should definitely check it out right now. It is a great community based site for animated films and their creators. Get the scoop on the awards here and be sure to check out the other great films

27/11/08 Johnny Truant - The Grotesque music video
This video has actually been online for a while, but i am bad at updating this site, sorry about that.
Anyways, yet another collaboration with the very tall and talented Mr Adam Powell, watching five guys painted black, playing frisbee in a car park is just one reason i love my job. Check it out.

25/08/08 Jury Service
I'm very happy to announce that i will be on the jury of the box[ur]shorts film festival. I'm the "up and coming" judge. Head over to their website and watch some of the films for yourself.

15/06/08 Webstore online and stuffed with Slamdance DVDs
See that extra button on the right side of the navigation bar up there? That button will take you to the magical land of Big Cartel where you can use your monies to purchase wonderful things!
Right now i am selling DVDs from the 2007 and 2008 Slamdance awards. The first is an all animation DVD stuffed with great films including my film The Ballad of Mary Slade. The second is a double DVD (oh my goodness that's right) one with short films, one with animated shorts, including my film Mammon. Get clicking!

29/05/08 Check out the advert we made for Doritos
So on the 14th of May my buddy Adam called me up with some crazy idea he had for an advert for a competition that the people at Doritos were running. (I think he had eaten too many corn chips and freaked out or something) So anyway he sent me his drawings of the little dudes and we made plans for him to record some voices. Then he told me that the deadline was the 18th of May..... We didn't make it through to the finals, but we had fun and from people's reactions i think we raised a few smiles which is good enough for me. check it out

17/05/08 Mammon is online and ready for your viewing pleasure

yep, Mammon is now online and waiting for your eager eyeballs to peek at it.
Watch it right now by clicking this link, visiting the films section or by heading over to yahoo video, where they have very kindly made it their featured animation

13/05/08 Look how lovely my new site is, thanks Max.
so this is my new website. I'm currently updating the content to make it much nicer to navigate around and use. I'll also be getting some new films and clips up for your viewing pleasure.

31/03/08 Shaped By Fate - They Told Me You Were Dead music video
I just finished working on a great new video for the band Shaped By Fate. Another collaboration with Mr Adam Powell. Check it out here

12/02/08 The Ballad of Mary Slade wins at Box[ur]shorts festival
So the good people at box[ur]shorts and their magic video juke boxes awarded The Ballad of Mary Slade both the student prize, and the gold prize. Needless to say i'm stoked. Check their website for the new season of great short films

19/12/07 Mammon - complete and ready for its international debut
My new short film Mammon is complete and set to make its international debut at Slamdance Film Festival in January 2008. I?ll have stills and a trailer up soon, read more at the Slamdance website.

The Ghost of a Thousand - Music Video
I recently worked with the lovely and talented Mr Adam Powell on a music video for the band The Ghost of a Thousand. You can check out the video on his website.

13/11/07 Basics of Animation - Scriptwriting is here
Basics of Animation - Scriptwriting by the acclaimed Professor Paul Wells has been published and is now on the shelves. The book is a great read and contains many great excerpts including some from a screenplay I wrote called The Monster That Ate Terrorists. See the ava publishing website for more details.

18/10/07 The Ballad of Mary Slade wins at BendFilm Festival
The Ballad of Mary Slade was recently shown at the BendFilm Festival in Oregon, USA where it was awarded the Special Jury Prize for Short Film. I wasn't able to attend the festival, but i'm thrilled to receive the award. Check their site for more details

Full House Arts Magazine
The good people of Full House magazine saw fit to take me out to buy me coffee and have a long chat about working in animation, life in Norwich, the process of inspiration and many other things. The result is a two page artist profile in the September issue of the magazine.
Click here to view the article.